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Villa Mairea
A free hand
Cell by cell to form a complete entity
A Modern Manor House
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The exhibition produced by the Alvar Aalto Museum © 2008-2009


Seventy years have passed since the Villa Mairea was completed. During that time the building has become famous throughout the world, particularly in schools of architecture, and it is especially popular as a subject for model-making.

This online exhibition of the building is an important addition to the Alvar Aalto Museum’s series of exhibitions on architecture to be found on the Internet. There are already two exhibitions on the Internet, one on Paimio Sanatorium, published in 2003, and one on Säynätsalo Town Hall, produced by the Säynätsalo office of the City of Jyväskylä in 2007.

The idea behind these online exhibitions is to provide researchers and the general public with information about Alvar Aalto’s more important buildings.


The text was written and the pictures were chosen by Teija Isohauta.
The text is based on sources in the Alvar Aalto Museum archives.
Proof reading by Maiju Westman.
Graphic design and implementation by Päivi Hintsanen.
English translation by Nicholas Mayow.


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Alvar Aalto Museum Archives

Other image and copyright information are mentioned below each enlargened picture.

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